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Welcome to Midtown Weslaco Apartment Homes:
Honoring Our Community Heroes

At Midtown Weslaco Apartment Homes, we're not just providing a place to live; we're building a community where heroes are valued and celebrated. Our unique HERO Program is specifically designed for the incredible workforce that serves our community – teachers, first responders, military personnel, and those in healthcare and school districts. You're not just professionals; you're our heroes, and we're proud to support you.

Perfectly Positioned for Heroes Like You
Midtown Weslaco is ideally located for quick access to local schools, hospitals, fire and police stations, and military bases. We understand the importance of convenience for our busy heroes.

Your Home, Your Haven

  • Modern Living Spaces: Choose from a variety of apartment styles that cater to your comfort and needs. Each unit is equipped with modern amenities, ensuring a relaxing home environment after a long day of service.
  • Community Features: Our community offers a range of features including a fitness center, pool, and communal areas for unwinding and connecting with fellow residents.

Your Service Inspires Us
At Midtown Weslaco Apartment Homes, we're more than just a housing option. We're a community that stands in gratitude to our local heroes. Thank you for your service, your commitment, and your dedication to our community. Welcome home, heroes!

Those that qualify for the HERO Program will receive a credit of 5% off each month when you move-in!